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May 11th, 2002 Stop spam-pinging - a great idea. Like today, when I found out there was a typo in an old post. Making the change pinged, but people coming in from there would not have seen any 'new' content on my front page. (Aside: the way I found out about the typo was kinda funny. A searcher misspelled "lottery" and actually found "lotery" in my post, which prompted the change.)

Note that this requires hacking the actual executable code of MT, which means you should back up your copy before doing so.

[via David Gagne]

Posted by Richard at 08:41 PM


Spellchecking by search referrals - I love it!

Posted by: Phil Ringnalda on May. 12th, 2002 at 12:01 PM.

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