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October 30th, 2002

2.51 released »

Wow, only 15 minutes after making a sarcastic remark do Ben and Mena release MT 2.51.

Now the people bugging me about not being able to login can bug me about other things.

Update: if you upgraded any time during Oct. 30th, you will need to re-upgrade. See Phil's post for more details.

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MT 2.51 Spotting »

Just noticed this at Ben's weblog:

MT 2.51

Unfair! How come the developer of MT gets 2.51 before the rest of us?

Oh wait, nevermind.

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MT on OS X »

OS X with Movable Type

A friend of mine wanted to muck around in it, to see if it was worth installing for her weblog. It says it's for Jaguar, but it may apply to earlier versions of OS X.

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Minor Update »

Nothin' much to report (except the goings-on in the support forum, which apparently has been upgraded). I'm mostly keeping a watch for MT 2.51 or whatever it's called. At another site of mine, some of the authors can't login because the 'remember password' function is not working. As reported earlier, this will be fixed.

Also, the RSS for this site is valid. I had to upgrade the MT templates, as per the validator's request, which was no biggie. At some point I'll put links to both the RSS 1.0 file and the RSS 2.0 file on the sidebar. At this writing (at an ungodly hour), only the RSS 1.0 is there.

And don't be shy in pinging the site if you have hacks/news/plugins/what have you related to MT. MovableBLOG is my second-most active site in terms of visitors, Vancouver Webloggers being easily #1. I'd be interested to know: for those pinging, is the sidebar is getting many click throughs?

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October 25th, 2002

OT: Blogger Hacked »

Blogger Hacked

Ev suggests that if you're a current Blogger user (or a former one, like myself), that you consider changing the passwords on your server.

First heard about it here.

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October 19th, 2002

XML Syndication for MovableBLOG »

I should probably mention that the old URL for XML syndication will get you an old, stale copy of the site's XML file. The new URL below will get you a nice, fresh and up to date XML file:

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October 17th, 2002

MTMacro Tutorial » : Differentiating your links with MTMacro

Brad Choate writes this (undated?) tutorial on using the MTMacro plugin for MT 2.2, and it should apply to 2.5 as well.

[via MT-Users mailing-list]

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October 15th, 2002

Comment Bug »

Editing Comment With No Title Bug

Will be fixed in 2.51.

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Archipelago 2.0 Released »

If you are a Mac user (sadly, I am not), you might want to take a look at Archipelago 2.0, a local weblog client that is Movable Type-compatible. Here are some screenshots, the release message, and a raison d'etre for the name Archipelago and a getting started page. [via View From the Heart]

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October 13th, 2002

Blog Comparison Tool »

BlogComp: Blog Tool Features Comparison Table

MT does well when stacked up against LiveJournal and Blogger, two tools I used regularly previously to MT.

Originally saw it on Blogpopuli, which forwarded me to this weblog post about it.

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Title in Bookmarklet »

I just noticed that the MT 2.5 bookmarklet adds title="title of website" in the link.

So a link in the MT 2.2 bookmarklet, like this one:

<a href="">MONSTERS, INC.</a> the MT 2.5 bookmarklet becomes:

<a title="MONSTERS, INC." href=""<MONSTERS, INC.</a>


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October 12th, 2002

2 Rows of 14 »

Someone wanted to know how to have two rows of 14 days (it ends up being 3 rows) on their MT blog's calendar, and I came up with a PHP solution.

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October 11th, 2002

Photodude on MT 2.5 »

PhotoDude's Web Log: Digital Housekeeping

Photodude makes the point that Google would miss much of his site (because Google crawled every so often), and that having a search function for the weblog makes it easy for people to find specific posts. I noticed that when I had it for a weblog of mine, that I was the only one using it, because I wanted to find a past post of mine quickly for reference's sake. This suited me fine, since I didn't have many visitors back then, but since I've gotten more, it will probably be put to some use. Some time next week after upgrading to 2.5, I'll put a search function for this blog.

In the post, he also gives some good examples on the uses of the new Keywords option in MT 2.5. As he says, "it's just more in my continuing efforts to make you go away, by offering up pages full of pipe hogging photos, forms to comment, e-mail, and search, plus a confounding mix of liberalism, warmongering, and highly sarcastic humor, stirred with hundreds of links to other sites to be used as an escape hatch when the host's unlikely stew threatens mortal confusion." Problem with that is those are the reasons I stay at his site.

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October 9th, 2002

MT 2.5 Released »

Movable Type 2.5 released with a big thank you from Ben and Mena for making it one year of Movable Type Madness (my phrase, not theirs).

It looks like I may need to slightly modify the form for pinging to this site, since they've changed pinging from a POST from a GET. Good thing I didn't post the code for then (also, I need to have error-handling routines and something else that I can't remember).

A time-saver (and annoyance-buster) for me is the pinging of and related sites only when new posts are created. And the inclusion of MT-Search is welcome.

One thing that frustrates me with 2.21 (and, since I haven't installed it yet, I don't know if it's been looked after in 2.5) is when searching within MT, and there's only one result, that I still have to click on the result to get the post. Why not have the post automatically come up, since it's the only one? One of the things that gets me about MT is that some things seem to take one or two more clicks than needed (like having to save a template, then click rebuild, then click rebuild again when the pop-up window shows up: is it possible to have a Save & Rebuild button?).

Same goes for Yahoo! Mail: that I have to click three times to sign it is two clicks too many. Not that Ben and Mena can do anything about that...or can they?

I have two installations of MT going, and I still need to figure out the best way to go about having Vancouver Webloggers use a different installation than the one it's currently using while still keeping the authors' information intact. Oh well, a project for this weekend, thankfully a three-day one for us Canadians.

Arrow Anil Dash: Movable Type's First Anniversary
Arrow dive into mark: Movable Type 2.5 is out
above links via blogpopuli

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October 8th, 2002

Posting Photos by Email »

Bill Zeller has come up with a way, using PHP, to email photos to MT and have them resized to 5 different sizes.

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October 4th, 2002

Trackback Enabled »

You are now, as far as I know, able to TrackBack to this site. The URL is, and there is a form for those without MT who want to discuss MT in anyway.

Note that I reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Only posts where the bulk of it is related to Movable Type will be kept on this site. (There is no error-correcting routine for when one or more fields in the form aren't filled in. That will come soon.)

I'll be working on a new logo this weekend. The current one is a little...unoriginal.

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October 2nd, 2002

TrackBack on MovableBlog »

The sidebar, in the area either between the official MT links and unofficial links or replacing the unofficial links altogether, will contain the space for other bloggers to post links to their MT-related posts. I'm settled into my new place, so I will be enabling that feature tomorrow.

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