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May 14th, 2003

Canada to Extend Copyright for Unpublished Works »

Although I have been following copyright developments after the introduction of Creative Commons (and have yet to decide on whether to license my writing, such as it is, throught the Creative Commons framework), an expert I am not. This caught my eye though, and I passed it on to at least one expert in the field (and now, for some reason, feel the need to pre-empt him): Ottawa champions copyright -- or some of it. It's actually a brief article in The Financial Post, poorly headlined, which notes that the Canadian government is in the midst of extending the copyright to those unpublished works that evidently used to be covered by a perpetual copyright. It is doing so through an amendment to an act that combines the National Library and Archives. It's pretty sneaky, and although not exactly uncommon, Canadian legislatures tend to eschew rider amendments like those seen in the United States.

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