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MovableBlog once served as a playground for tips, tricks and news about the Movable Type Publishing Platform. The irony that it was a blog about a blog publishing tool was not lost on this blog's author. MovableBlog now it's a weblog for discussing other geekery, such as PHP programming, XML, and Web 2.0 in general. The site, once focussed on MT, has taken a turn to computer geekery more generally. As a warning, much of the site may occur to the reader as evangelical, but that will usually be intended.

The weblog blog and most of the static sections are powered by Movable Type version 3.2.

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About the Author

Richard Eriksson received a bachelor of arts in Political Science from Simon Fraser University, and only took 2 computer-related courses as electives: an intro to Pascal and an intro to C++ (thanks to the latter, he doesn't glaze over when he hears the phrase 'object-oriented'). The rest is self-taught, and while he has a better handle on PHP, he thinks that Python is the greatest thing since sliced bread, sliced bread having been invented the year winter. His parents think he's 'good with computers', but that's only because he sits at one for so long. He used to be a hardcore PC and Windows guy, but he has seen the light, and now roams free in the in the Mac Ghetto. He plans to turn his PC into a Linux box dual booting with Windows (you know, so he can still test websites on a PC browser). He's been using Firefox since it was called Phoenix.

Richard also somehow finds time to write for improvident lackwit, a weblog about how life imitates The Simpsons (the sliced bread mention above is a Simpsons reference), contributes to and is a managing editor for Urban Vancouver, and occasionally for Watching China. His personal brochure site gives you an idea of what he looks like, and it links to other projects he doesn't technically have time for, including a personal weblog.

Richard was born in Campbell River and raised in Courtenay on Vancouver Island in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada, and since 1996 has lived on the other side of the Georgia Straight in the city of Vancouver. From those starting points, he's been as far West as China, as far East as Iceland, as far North as Prince Rupert and as far South as Los Angeles.

Richard currently works for Bryght, which provides a Drupal-powered hosted service.

You can contact Richard using this form.