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February 28th, 2005

Configure the HTML Elements Allowed by the Drupal Aggregator »

Earlier this month, I submitted a patch to the aggregator module in Drupal which let you determine which HTML elements to allow into your aggregator. This is for the times when you have, say, a site about China with section that aggregates photos.

I'm mirroring the patch on You will probably need to know your way around the patch command (check out Drupal's page on the subject if you're not) and use the CVS version of the module, on which my patch was based, but you can probably patch the 4.5.x version of it as well.

Not that the patch is huge or will disappear or anything. This is just my way of finally fulfilling my self-imposed quota of at least one feature post to this weblog a month.

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September 1st, 2004

Bryght »

Like Roland, Boris, James and Adrian, I am a Bryght Guy. Bryght will promote the open source CMS Drupal, develop custom instances of and offer mass hosting and consulting services for the software and CivicSpace, and support the Drupal community. I have a 4-word title, which I feel the need to point out, but I'll deny any accusation of being a developer or decision-maker for the company. James Walker and Adrian Roussow are the developers, and fellow Vancouverites Roland Tanglao is the Chief Blogging Officer (!) and Boris Mann is the Drupal Kool-Aid keeper, so to speak. The only person I speak for on my sites is myself. That said, I now have a corporate weblog, which I will try to syndicate here and elsewhere.

I met Roland for the first time in January of this year. He knew me because of MovableBlog but also because of the now defunct Vancouver Webloggers site as well as the other blogging exploits too numerous to mention. I met Boris some time before April of this year, but long story short, my weblogs got me noticed and helped in getting my new job, but I hear that's de rigeur these days.

Supporting Drupal does not mean I'm giving up on Movable Type. 3.1 adds really great features that makes it worth buying, and Six Apart has made a commitment to the people who develop around it, and I do not expect that commitment to waver. That said, anything I say about Drupal or Movable Type or even Wordpress (I use all three daily) as well as the companies and people behind them should be considered alongside the company I work for. Since it's a market, there is of course competition involved, but history will show that this is the golden age of blogging and blogging software, and I'm glad to be a small part of it.

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