MovableBlog: Asides: July 2003

July 31, 2003

Scoble: just finish the spec already! I just wish the Longhorn guys would just finish it, ship it, and then show users like me why to use it. [#]

TypePad's TypeLists Never used 'em, but strikes me as a good way to update a weblog's sidebar. [#]

Six Apart's new digs Note how Anil is wearing a Blogger t-shirt. [#]

Dan Gillmor: RSS starting to catch on [#]

Why RDF Sucks Another fastball from Don Park. Or maybe a slider? [#]

July 30, 2003

Web may revolutionize fundraising Latest in the 'Web may revolutionize [insert offline phenomenon here]' theme. [#]

RDF: Ready for Prime Time MT gets a few mentions. [#]

Photo albums in TypePad Its coolest feature. [#]

FOAF, Flocking, and the Semantics of Starlings [#]

July 29, 2003

Moblogging in TypePad I don't have a digital camera nor cell-phone with photo capability, it's sad and alarming, so the feature is moot for me. [#]

Arial vs. Verdana The comments where people merely say which font they prefer without saying why are unhelpful. Comments like this are extremely helpful, because it not only gives an opinion, but points to useful tools like comparing font display and a cross-platform font comparison. [#]

On not being a gamer [#]

Don Park on TypePad's UI He would prefer a 'simplified upside down tree with colored branches'. [#]

TypePad badges We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges! [#]

July 28, 2003

User Not Found not found? It started out promisingly, on a really great topic, but since March 2nd...nothing. [#]

TypePad's Template Builder It's the coolest feature of the system. Well, one of the two coolest features anyway. [#]

MT Hosting Hubbub [#]

July 27, 2003

Reset the Movable Type Activity log [#]

Syndicate your entire site using MT Very cool. One day I'll get around to writing how to do this when you (like me) have multiple installations of MT. The items on the sidebar of my personal site has an RSS feed, but it's still in the testing stages (since it uses PHP includes). [#]

July 26, 2003

Hacking the legal code See also In law, not code, which discusses a different legal issue, but comes to the same conclusion. [#]

July 25, 2003

Shelley Powers on context and meaning [#]

Time to take back Times New Roman I was fiddling with fonts today when writing an essay, and always came back to Times New Roman. (A quibble: px is only presents accessibility problems in IE. But my point is moot, what with IE's browser share and all.) [#]

First book on MT coming soon Damn, I knew I should have studied Japanese instead of Chinese. [#]

July 24, 2003 buyer beware! The privacy policy (you can view the policy itself, but only in IE) does indeed suck. [#]

Comment authentication prototype Looks very cool. (Funny quote in the comments regarding a Javascript error in IE6: 'IE6 is the error.') [#]

Summary of comment authentication in French Summarizes this and this en francais. [#]

July 23, 2003

Extending RSS Mentions SSR, which is surprisingly well-documented for having only one element. [#]

Why Choose RSS 1.0? No mention is made of the history of the RSS fork. [#]

Googleholes: Apples and Oranges Elaborates on (without necessarily being aware of) a point I made earlier. [#]

CSS dotted borders in IE [#]

LINCOS geared towards poor, but wealthier residents ended up using it Might be an case if you build it, they won't necessarily come. (Like how when some schools are wired up, the students end up using it primarily for email and chatting.) [#]

International MT Meetup Turns out I work that evening, but might get the shift switched. Blog-related meetups haven't been that successful here in Vancouver in the past, however. [#]

FOAF Web of Trust [#]

Social implications of FOAF [#]

July 22, 2003

Signing commments on blogs [#]

Reserved comment names [#]

"Atom" name stalls Damn, and I was looking forward to the 'up and Atom' jokes. [#]

Number of online Chinese growing They're also spending more time per session. [#]

Manual Trackback PHP script [#]

July 21, 2003

TypePad Elite [#]

Radio sucks! See also the post below it. [#]

Blog Change Bot Push by any other name. [#]

Screenshot of FOAF viewer After all branches were extended (the ones at the ends are either 'complete' or 'broken'). Lots of big names in that list, and to quote Adam, it 'definitely demonstrates the whole purpose of FOAF, and the nature of relationships online.' [#]

Semaview's Friend of a Friend Experiemental FOAF viewer Says that the FOAF files of well-respected RDF nerds Bill Kearney and Ben Hammerlsey are 'broken', so it earns its title as 'experimental'. [#]

July 20, 2003

Mini-Tabs Cool use of a:hover and bottom-border width. [#]

July 19, 2003

Computable aggression [#]

July 18, 2003

Unsafe Blogging +1. [#]

July 17, 2003

Winer Watch is gone Not an error 404, mind you, but error 410. [#]

Adam Kalsey is simplifying the everyday components of websites [#]

July 16, 2003

Google as collectively authored op-ed page Problems #1 and #2 are actually problems with the keywords used. Using 'gardening tips' and 'apples', respectively, would solve those problems. [#]

Why is everyone you know on Friendster? [#]

"White House blog? Why not?" [#]

Publishing, permanence, and transparency 'Increasingly the Web sees and remembers everything.' [#]

July 15, 2003

Multiple blogs, merged entries list using MT One method requires MySQL and PHP, the other requires MySQL and some plugins. [#]

lost+found's MT setup [#]

Adaptive Path's MT setup Hints at MT and phpBB integration. [#]

Netscape is dead Long live Mozilla? [#]

Brad Choate: Doing your whole site with MT [#]

July 14, 2003

Implementing a moderation system in a MT weblog Very nice: no need to edit the code in MT's CMS either! [#]

Beyond the Blog: using MT as a CMS [this is good] MT manages pretty much all of the content on this site. [#]

Should Howard Dean be a little bit afraid of the Internet? [#]

Grokking the infoviz [#]

July 13, 2003

Future-proof URLs in MT Includes future-proofing permalinks, Trackback URLs you send, and comment permalinks. Great tips. (Wish I did Step 0 with China Weblog: it's now at it's third permalink structure.) [#]

Parsing FOAF with PHP [#]

July 12, 2003

Not so permanent permalink There are solutions, like using PHP header() redirects or mod_rewrite, but they're a hassle for non-techies. [#]

21st century web design essentials Nice overview of 'essentials', but there have been dozens of articles likes this already. And since when is PHP a markup language? [#]

TypePad adds Echo support Still preliminary. [#]

Howard Dean to guest-blog at Lessig's weblog Starts Monday. Since I've been subscribed to the Lessig's feed for a while, so it will be good to get to know something about Governor Dean (not that it matters, particularly, being Canadian and all). [#]

July 10, 2003

User tips from an open source programmer Richard: Hey, the program doesn't work. Why did I get an error message? It crashed. Bill: *kills self* Richard: success! Bill: haha [#]

Dan Dickinson wants to see the source code of Winer Watch +1. [#]

Writing realistic tech job descriptions There are more than a few jobs that look not only appealing, but for which I would have applied for if it weren't for the long list of 'qualifications'. It long ago occured to me that companies/managers have high—and possibly unreasonably so—requirements so that they can filter for only the most determined applicants, i.e. the ones who say (more eloquently that this) 'well, I don't have x, y, anx z, but I'm very proficient at x and y and can learn z quickly.' [#]

Winer Watch Not sure what I think about this: we've all made edits to our weblog posts, sometimes to correct grammatical and/or spelling errors or even to pretend we never made certain Ridiculous Misstatements. (Goodness knows I'm guilty of both.) [#]

Mark Pilgrim is gonna build his *own* syndication format We don't want the loonies taking over. [#]

July 9, 2003

Adam expands use of FOAF on his weblog [#]

Dreamweaver extension for MT I still hand code, baby. [#]

July 8, 2003

The web is where independents shine John Gruber explains his use of Google AdSense. The essay is teeming with goodness. [#]

Virtual hosting is not Google spam That's a relief: all of my domains are hosted on one IP. [#]

RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema Lemme get this straight: it's a document describing a document format that documents a metadata format? [#]

July 7, 2003

What the heck is a FOAF file? Adam wants you to get on the FOAF gravy train. +1 [#]

July 6, 2003

TypePad sites are now open to the public That means my beta test blog is now public too. If you find it, good for you. [#]

Features for First Version of TypePad Unveiled [#]

Blogs in the Workplace Six Apart gets a mention on page 2. [#]

Joshua Kaufman interviews Oddpost's Ethan Diamond Well, as we see with Josh's last question, it looks like it was more a survey than an interview (interviews are more give-and-take, with each question related to the answer preceding it). Interesting quote: 'we chose to target the platform with 95% of the market [meaning Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows and higher...] Oddpost is a for-profit business, not a monument to justice.' [#]

Userland is #1 Google search for RSS in Mozilla Firebird but not IE6 The story is different for Internet Explorer 6 (this is the same what Dave Winer got in his search, using the same Google URL). [#]

The internet is not shit [#]

The internet is shit [#]

"If anyone tells you installing MT is easy..." Installation is the most significant hurdle right now for people wanting to use MT. TypePad will change this. [#]

July 5, 2003

Ben Hammersley wants the Plugin Manager included in the next release of MT +1. [#]

Pedro is looking for help moving his MT data to a new server [#]

Six Apart plugs MT Plugin Manager, Zempt As well they should: I'm using Zempt almost full-time now, and just installed the Plugin Manager. This word applies to both: wow. [#]

July 4, 2003

Public Beta MT Plugin Manager released [#]

Jon Udell dissects the voices in the RSS Debate Uh, I mean Debacle. [#]

Tim Bray: Search and Deploy Turns into an ad for Macs and OS X, but can you blame him? [#]

July 3, 2003

Correction to Mark's latest XHTML 2.0 column Here's how the process works: you make a mistake, someone corrects you and you take it in stride. [#]

MT Plugin Manager moving out of vapourware stage soon I echo Ben Hammersley's sentiments: 'Neeed.....neeeeeeed......neeeeeeeed.....'. [#]

The fortune of the commons: standards in IT [#]

What's new for the user Anil says he doesn't know Echo will be used, and that's the great thing about it. [#]

The Geek Test Silly, but effective at wasting time. My result is a paltry 19.72387% which at least gets me to 'Geek' level. [#]

The Vanishing Image: XHTML 2 Migration Issues Yet another in Mark Pilgrim's excellent series of articles XHTML 2.0 . [#]

How the Internet has improved quality of life [#]

21+1 points for better weblogging After all, a weblog is just a weblog. [#]

Ben Hammersley on Echo's implications Argues that a cross-blogging-platform API creates a friction-less market for blogging tools. Update: this used to have 'dangerous precedent in the link text: turns out that's Ben's blog name. [#]

Review of Content Syndication with RSS [#]

Creating a sideblog in MT Pretty much how I've done it. [#]

MT-Textile 2 will be better than ever [#]

Turning a blogger off I was turned off by the RSS Debacle. But after 4 days the itch is back. [#]