MovableBlog: Asides: May 2004

May 31, 2004

New RSS 2.0 feed template for MT submitted to the Feed Validator [#]

Roland's notes on Stewart Butterfield's talk on Flickr's design $5 a month for no-bandwidth-limit hosting?! [#]

Why I now only serve ads to search engine referers If it were trivial (and it's not), I would exclude all ads for blogging software or related services, since they don't pay well. [#]

May 30, 2004

Breakout The most effective Sun banner ad featured a game of Breakout. [#]

Roland Tanglao's words to live by Less than I thought, to be honest. [#]

Little-known feature in MT: LogicCheck Okay, not actually part of MT, but that would be a cool feature. [#]

Pink numbers I'm still waiting for a site with a permalink for each character. [#]

Writing for the machine Bloggers are the new documentation writers. [#]

"Radio definitely sucks" No updates since August? [#]

Project management using Movable Type Part II; Part III. Drupal, which is open source, does this with less installation and configuration using the project module. [#]

Purple Numbers Simon comments. Jay's been doing it since February. [#]

Build an online community with Drupal Count me as one of them who also believes that "the real revolution in communities is underway at this very moment." [#]

May 28, 2004

The road ahead for WordPress Code is easy. Interface is hard. (Also: installation is easy. Implementation is hard.) [#]

Changes to the Movable Type License Should keep the amount of adverbs and references to competing publishing software to a minimum. [#]

May 27, 2004

The first thing we do, let's kill all the hackers [#]

Tables vs. CSS I'm seriously considering charging double for table-based designs. [#]

May 26, 2004

Free Blogware blogs for Canadian federal election candidates [#]

May 25, 2004

Teach Yourself Movable Type in 24 Hours But why buy the book when you can read a weblog for free? [#]

Creative Commons 2.0 I disavow attribution of something using a Creative Commons license, and that article assures me I can still do so with the new licenses. [#]

May 24, 2004

Cell phone portability for the masses Canadians need not apply. [#]

May 23, 2004

Movable Type 2.661 is still available for download... ...but in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard.' [#]

May 22, 2004

WordPress 1.2 released Full changelog. [#]

May 20, 2004

Drupal's appeal to former-MT users The distinction between stories and blog (the latter not being enabled by default, but comes with the package) and the different style of comments are the first thing people used to MT-style weblogs will notice. [#]

See what happens when people actually read the software license? Phil's been on a roll since, well, since he started updating again. [#]

May 18, 2004

"Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content)" I just got an email like this. (Who sends me .zip attachments anyway?) There's a removal tool for those who don't update their virus software. [#]

Gmail users get 1 Terabyte worth of space? So does that make Gmail a hosted storage solution instead of just email? [#]

child pixels / parent pixels = child ems [#]

China Weblog now powered by WordPress I found an excuse to power a live weblog with WP, that's all. [#]

A strange turn of events: Todd buys a Powerbook I've been doing similar...research. [#]

May 17, 2004

Photodude's essential software I like this thread. [#]

Gotchas in the MT to WP conversion script Some appear to be the result of bugs in MT 3.0's export routine. [#]

TV over IM I'm still waiting for video over SMS. [#]

Movable Type keyword URL slugs to WP URL slugs This was the only thing keeping me from converting one of my MT-powered weblogs to WordPress. Now I have no excuse. [#]

Blogspotting Drupal is easy to spot because of the URL scheme, despite being fully customizable. [#]

Convert accented characters to their non-accent equivalents in PHP Yes, including even Z with a háček. [#]

May 16, 2004

Phil Ringnalda's friends are allowed to make mistakes I knew what I was getting into when I beta tested MT 3.0 though, and submitted only the bugs that nobody else seemed to care about. [#]

Tim Bray: Mark Pilgrim is wrong about consumer software [#]

With search engines and weblogs, documentation is dead Long live documentation. [#]

May 15, 2004

Do not buy an InexQ wireless router Hopefully companies are more aware that their customers (and potential customers) might be bloggers. [#]

Six Apart to update the licence structure, clarifies some terms [#]

What to do when your computer is hacked Unplug your connection and reformat the hard drive. [#]

May 14, 2004

Moving from Movable Type to WordPress Hint hint. [#]

Mark Pilgrim: the reports of MT's death aren't exaggerated He switched to WordPress, as alluded to in my reaction to Movable Type 3.0D. [#]

May 13, 2004

Six Apart releases Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition Mena discusses the rationale of the licensing structure, and, well, I'll let you see the reaction in the Trackbacks. I'm reserving judgment until Friday. [#]

May 12, 2004

The smirk of the nerd How can I help? [#]

LiveJournal user tags in WordPress [#]

Kinja delivered full-colour right on schedule according to Meg Google Adsense just announced them too. (Those who just got the email know this to be true.) [#]

What working for a startup means The constant starting and stopping on things. [#]

Mail to the future Even though I hypocritically think that privacy is dead, there's no privacy policy on the front page, so I'll pass. [#]

Frustrated with the social-side of MT... ...prompting a move to WordPess. [#]

Rogers Cadenhead joins the RSS Advisory Board Rogers points to an article hidden behind a username and password, but you can visit the New York Times version without registering. [#]

Google's blog has "funky" HTML, uses iso-8859-1 encoding Also, Google is a Big Corp! [#]

Contact the vendor when you find a security flaw I was once able to see a friend's personal information when I clicked on her online stats software. I immediately emailed both my friend and the help system of the stats software company, and got a free golf-shirt for my troubles. [#]

Solitaire is the most popular computer game for a good reason Reflexive mindfulness. [#]

May 11, 2004

Blogrolling security problem? [#]

Rick Bruner isn't impressed with Blogger's software upgrade A beta tester underwhelmed about the released version of personal publishing software? Sounds familiar... [#]

It's the content, dummy! [fr] The reactions to those who switch from MT to Drupal are akin to the reactions to those who switch from Catholicism to anarchist Buddhism. [#]

Movable Type-like comments in Drupal In the future, no one will know you're not running MT. [#]

Teetering on the edge of switching from MT to Drupal So many goodies right out of the box. [#]

May 10, 2004

Official Google weblog Might as well subscribe to the Atom feed before it's mandated by law. [#]

The Web "leaves the entirety of our previous ways of working as just one tool among many." It's not hubris when you're right. [#]

See the new Blogger templates without logging in [#]

Rogers Cadenhead on what he believes 6A will adopt as the new RSS 2.0 template [#]

Blogware officially released [#]

May 9, 2004

Blogger relaunches Templates from web design superstars (at least the ones with weblogs), and comments (spammers are no doubt already hard at work figuring out how to exploit them). [#]

Excellent comparison of ExpressionEngine and Movable Type 3.0 Boris says that Drupal works well for corporate needs. [#]

Threaded comments hack for WordPress 1.2 [#]

IRC: Pointless waste or useful tool? Yes. [#]

May 8, 2004

Predictions for OS 10.4 Tiger Troy thinks it would be great if Apple released an office suite based on OpenOffice. A project to port OpenOffice to OS X is underway. [#]

May 7, 2004

FeedDemon RC1 expires May 11 I did not know that, but Nick is "working feverishly" to get RC2 out to the paying customers. Twenty minutes after I wrote the previous, Nick releases FeedDemon RC2. [#]

Mark is already dealing with TypeKey spammers TypeKey is not the problem, weblog comments are. [#]

Technorati et tant de livres [fr] Suggestions for Technorati (and semantic HTML nerds) on how to cite book on websites. [#]

Drupal : un blogiciel gratuit ... et pas si terrible [fr] The pros and cons of Drupal. [#]

Part 1 of Vancouver blogger Derek Miller's story of building a standards compliant website with a small team A team that includes Dave Shea. [#]

Designing effective social software First, learn how humans interact. [#]

May 6, 2004

Bill Stillwell's essential software See Mark Pilgrim's, Matt Mullenweg's, and mine. [#]

Small web design firms should think big Highly recommended for freelance web designers or amateurs that are thinking of going pro. To be read in conjunction with advice from A List Apart when starting a web design business. [#]

Quicktime forces people to lie [#]

Drupal world domination So they do want to take over the world! [#]

Weblogs killed the personal website star Not too long ago I considered moving from a CMS back to handcoding a couple of personal sites. [#]

New York Times says IRC is evil And this is news? [#]

Nine illuminating factoids about RSS 0.94 I note for the record that he drops the word of "useful" on the third entry of the series. [#]

Seven useful things to know about RSS 0.93 [#]

Eight useful things to know about RSS 0.92 Eight seems like a lot to me... [#]

May 5, 2004

Emacs command reference Guess who's switching from pico? [#]

Cool photo of Ralph Wiggum picking his nose on personal in-flight movie player I haven't flown in 4 years (almost to the day!), but every time I see these at airports, I think they're one of the technologies I hope people are making a killing off of, because it's an insanely good idea. [#]

RSS 2.0 template needs changing in MT Good discussion in the comments, and I'm now a lot more optimistic than the first comment (which is mine) would suggest. [#]

TypeKey is a simple comment authentication system, but it might be too simple [#]

"Drupal allows perfectionists to set up any number of user permissions" [#]

May 4, 2004

Drupal 4.5.0 status report [#]