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April 30, 2002

Apparently I'm way behind on the news that MT 2.01 is coming out soon. That's what I get for paying too much attention to the Tips & Tricks forum and not enough attention to the MT main site.

I'm most looking forward to the "Ability to limit which index templates are automatically rebuilt" (so that I can rebuild the random entry template, which is huge, separately). Partial support for meta Weblog API also looks promising. This would presumably allow posting via AIM or any other app instead of using MT's interface (something like how LiveJournal has a small, constantly-running Windows app to post easily and quickly).

Since Ben said he'd release 2.01 in a week or two after he announced it (which was on the 19th), it should be available any day now.

Posted by Richard at 3:04



The metaWeblog support is in addition to the blogger XML-RPC API support, which is already in MT. So you can actually use non-MT-client tools already to post to your MT blog--w.bloggar, BlogApp, and others. BloggerBot (the AIM bot) does not work, but that's because it doesn't support setting the XML-RPC server URL.

Just FYI. :) (And yes, it is coming out in the next couple of days.)