MovableBlog: Kottke Moves to MT

Nuance 2.0

June 2, 2002

BTBer (big-time-blogger) Jason Kottke switches from hand-coding to MT. Useful for many (although possibly too nerdy for most) is Kottke's use of the RedirectMatch directive in Apache after changing the URL format of his weblog. Makes for much less 404 errors client-side. It seems to work fairly well: this URL [old] redirects to this URL [new]. It goes to the appropriate monthly archive, although not to the actual post in question (re: "Attack of the Clowns").

I could be wrong, but this might be solved by inserting the following code in between his <MTDateHeader> MT tags for his monthly archive template:

<a name="<$MTEntryDate format="%y%m%d"$>" id="name="<$MTEntryDate format="%y%m%d">"$></a>

Anyway, another convert. The revolution continues.

Posted by Richard at 1:06


yeah I noticed that too, and I was like, "whaaaa? kottke uses MT now?" and then I took a shot of gin and life was good again.