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August 10, 2002

Stumbled on this one quite by accident. Just doing the blog hop thing, and found a (Vancouver?) weblogger who has a way to use emacs to post to MT. I'm not worthy of that level of nerdliness (with a sigh, I must admit to using pico as my Unix text editor), but maybe you are?

Any which way, he's looking for beta testers.

Posted by Richard at 6:08


I also use Pico, and Nano when not available. The only system I use emacs on is XEmacs on Windows XP, where it kicks the tail end off of Notepad anyday.

yes, vancouver!

And I'm going to pretend that the 'level of nerdliness' comment was a compliment, oh yes I am.

No need to pretend. It was indeed intended as a compliment.

I too am a closeted pico user. It comforts me to see that there are others like me. Thank you!

Pico? Say it ain't so. Such an unsatisfying feel.

I am a hardcore vi/vim user... I wonder if anyone has done anything for vim?

hmm... actually, I found this blog while googling for info on a commandline MT posting utility.

using vim to post would be trivial if there were a commandline tool that read the text of a post from stdin. just write your post, then :1,$!mttool

Actually, it would be really easy to write a perl script to post, provided you're comfy with XMLRPC and perl. Heck, I did it in LISP, for god's sake. :-)

And in other news, mt.el is outta beta.

I love Pico.

I wish I could figure out how to write a Perl XMLRPC-posting script.