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August 22, 2002

Threaded Trackback Released

Good gravy. Just surfed into the MT site to look at the default templates, and I see that a standalone version of Trackback will be released soon.

While I'm on the subject, the excellent Blogroots site has a subsection called Blogpopuli, where people can ping the site with their posts about weblogs and weblogging.

Posted by Richard at 3:08


Richard, I don't get your new entries anymore in my aggregator, it tells me:
There was an error parsing this channel. The parser reported: undefined entity at line 45, column 80, byte 2561 . You may wish to contact the owner of this channel informing them of this XML parsing error, but AmphetaDesk will keep trying to get new updates for you.

Just thought to let you know...

Is it fixed now?

(It might have been a problem related to an E with an acute accent on it.)

Sorry for replying late, but it's fixed! thanks.