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Nuance 2.0

September 7, 2002

Movable Type 2.5 coming soon. I'm most interested in the pings feature (pings more sites, and pings them more intelligently) as well as the integration of MT-Search (which allows users to search a person's weblog, as well as special functions like an edit link for if you're logged in under MT). A better formated e-mail notification is something I look forward to, as well as the other features not mentioned (it the above-linked post refers to "some of the features", meaning not all of the new features?).

I haven't been following MT-related developments as closely as I'd like. Just my living situation is making blogging in general difficult. Not that it's stopped me from blogging at my other sites, but it's limited it, and this weblog has suffered the most, what with my posts being solely comments about the front-page blog on the MT site.

Posted by Richard at 1:09


if there isn't any real news about MT, then you can't post it... however if you've been missing things, then I'm hereby publicly scolding you... shame on your for offering a free service, and then not doing it to the best of your abilities...


thanks for the resource... your list of links on the right side are more than worth coming to this site...

thanks again.

Actually, the features I'm most interested in are MT-Search and the ability to use something other than Image::Magick - which my host doesn't support - for thumbnailing.