MovableBlog: Photodude on MT 2.5

Nuance 2.0

October 11, 2002

PhotoDude's Web Log: Digital Housekeeping

Photodude makes the point that Google would miss much of his site (because Google crawled every so often), and that having a search function for the weblog makes it easy for people to find specific posts. I noticed that when I had it for a weblog of mine, that I was the only one using it, because I wanted to find a past post of mine quickly for reference's sake. This suited me fine, since I didn't have many visitors back then, but since I've gotten more, it will probably be put to some use. Some time next week after upgrading to 2.5, I'll put a search function for this blog.

In the post, he also gives some good examples on the uses of the new Keywords option in MT 2.5. As he says, "it's just more in my continuing efforts to make you go away, by offering up pages full of pipe hogging photos, forms to comment, e-mail, and search, plus a confounding mix of liberalism, warmongering, and highly sarcastic humor, stirred with hundreds of links to other sites to be used as an escape hatch when the host's unlikely stew threatens mortal confusion." Problem with that is those are the reasons I stay at his site.

Posted by Richard at 12:10