MovableBlog: Minor Update

Nuance 2.0

October 30, 2002

Nothin' much to report (except the goings-on in the support forum, which apparently has been upgraded). I'm mostly keeping a watch for MT 2.51 or whatever it's called. At another site of mine, some of the authors can't login because the 'remember password' function is not working. As reported earlier, this will be fixed.

Also, the RSS for this site is valid. I had to upgrade the MT templates, as per the validator's request, which was no biggie. At some point I'll put links to both the RSS 1.0 file and the RSS 2.0 file on the sidebar. At this writing (at an ungodly hour), only the RSS 1.0 is there.

And don't be shy in pinging the site if you have hacks/news/plugins/what have you related to MT. MovableBLOG is my second-most active site in terms of visitors, Vancouver Webloggers being easily #1. I'd be interested to know: for those pinging, is the sidebar is getting many click throughs?

Posted by Richard at 2:10