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December 31, 2002

Weblog Analysis

I share Min Jung's elitism and automatic lowering of esteem for certain things when looking for new weblogs to read (which I'm in the process of doing). I tend to pre-judge a weblog on its design, then domain ( domains get no respect), then font-size/readability, then the copy itself (good copy does overrule good design if the weblog was recommended to me by someone who knows my tastes). Yeah, I'm bit of a snob in that respect. A weblogs link list only really gets consideration as a launching pad to finding new weblogs. Once I have my "set" of blogs that I'll read, I tend to ignore people's link lists.

Good on Min Jung for reading my mind writing about something I've been thinking about lately. I'll put a more extensive description of how I evaluate a weblog up later, with a better ranking of characteristics.

Posted by Richard at 12:12