MovableBlog: Devon on TV

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January 3, 2003

Fellow Vancouver weblogger Devon gets a 2-minute segment on CTV (note there is a link to the video on the sidebar). They explicitly say she's not a camgirl, but most of the segment is about camgirls. Plus there's more to 'camgirls' than nudity (it's more the attitude than anything). No offense to Devon, but wouldn't it have been a cooler article/news segment if they found an actual camgirl to compare to Devon?

Things we learn: Devon is indeed a fast (and loud?) typer; that she's been online for 7 years (does that include her BBS days?); she "devotes all her free time to mundane journal entries" (all her free time? are her posts always mundane? I don't think so); "she's almost famous, or at least she wants to be" (who wants to be almost famous?); that media-types are easily impressed with how many visitors people's websites get (you can hear the off-camera interviewer exclaim "wow" after Devon reveals she gets 400 visitors a day).

And talk about a bland statement from a professor. The police officer is actually right: it's easier than people think to find a website owner's address. How do I know? Type whois and then your (or someone else's) domain at a Unix prompt and see if your (or the owner's) street address and phone # appears in the listing. If it does, ask your host how to change/eliminate it.

Posted by Richard at 2:01