MovableBlog: Redesign

Nuance 2.0

January 4, 2003

Being in a mood to redesign almost all my sites at once—it's not clear why, but I'm in the mood nonetheless—I put together a simple XHTML/CSS no-tables redesign of this site (link not permanent). If it looks wonky in your browser, and have a smidge of free time, can you grab a screen shot and send it to a Hotmail address of mine? I'd also appreciate, in the comments section, a note that the design works in your browser(s), if someone hasn't already commented on that browser. Thanks.

In Mozilla/Phoenix/Opera 6+, there's a top border as well as a side border, but no top border in IE 6. I'm aware of that, and not too inclined to fix it (unless you know how).

Posted by Richard at 12:01