MovableBlog: Redesign snag

Nuance 2.0

January 5, 2003

The redesign has hit a snag: it's fallen victim to the infamous IE6 F11 CSS bug. This code doesn't seem to want to work, so I've emailed Zeldman, who posted that there was a solution (without saying what it was) and that the bug exists (and that they'd update soon with the solution, this being back in September). The September 2002 archive is a page I know that triggers the bug (and gives a JS error when I use the 'workaround'; this page on the workaround itself also give as JS error).

Thanks Phil!

Update Feb. 1, 2003: Zeldman has now revealed the code he's been using for a while. With Phil's help, I've been using the Javascript hack for about three weeks now. Now it's official I guess.

Posted by Richard at 11:01


If I understand that workaround correctly, document.all.content refers to the section of ALA with id="content", so in your case you either want document.all.main or (not quite sure which, or maybe either one).