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January 25, 2003

For a couple days now, I've strongly considered turning MovableBLOG into a weblog about geekery. Things that have been on my mind lately have been not merely Movable Type, but also stuff I should have been interested in a year ago—it isn't out of character for me to be about a year behind in terms of some technological developments: i.e. I don't yet have a DVD player!— include the Phoenix browser (and the Open Source movement in general), RSS syndication (see my last post), XML-RPC, Wiki and today, a very much half-assed (and very much failed) attempt to build PHP on my Linux installation. At the moment, because I don't really have a place to write about my geeky successes and failures, MovableBLOG seems like the logical place for it.

Since day one, I've been categorizing posts, but there hasn't been categorization on the public site. All of the old categories simply need to be renamed to fit into a new more general geeky weblog, which I'm thankful for. The purpose of a reconceptualized MovableBLOG would be to evangelize stuff that, granted, is already ably evangelized by others. It's just that, either my credentials as a geek now feel strong enough to have my name put to them, or that geekdom has finally, for me, been legitimized as a passion.

At this point I should say that I'm ambivalent about reconceptualizing it, for these reasons: a) it has a niche as a blog only about MT; b) this is by no means the only weblog that aches for my attention; and c) a full-time job beckoned me back into real-life, which, necessarily cuts down on time at my own computer. On the other hand, a blog about geekery would go a long way in proving my credentials as a computer nerd, which isn't easy when your degree is in Political Science. And everybody needs a passion or passions, and a geekery log would go a long way in furthering a passion for computers and technology that has been long-held. This weblog is also growing in terms of hit-count, with people visiting from all around the world. (Vancouver Webloggers, my highest-trafficked site, necessarily has a geographically-concentrated reader-base.)

I'm reserving a decision until I settle into my new job (which is technology-related) and figure out how much time can be devoted to other, more leisurely pursuits. Just thought you were better off being warned that I may start talking about non-MT related stuff here in the near future.

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You should go for it!