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Nuance 2.0

January 30, 2003

If you are a plugin developer, or otherwise code in Perl, you will understand the following post. (And you might be able to explain it to me, someone who barely has a handle on PHP.)

Ben Trott, from the MT-Dev mailing list: "We will be adding MT::PluginData to the main distribution in MT 2.6." If it means anything to you, here's, which is available for download at

There is also a MySQL schema, which Ben included in his message:

create table mt_plugindata (

plugindata_id integer not null auto_increment primary key,
plugindata_plugin varchar(50) not null,
plugindata_key varchar(255) not null,
plugindata_data mediumtext,
index (plugindata_plugin),
index (plugindata_key)


Here, maybe it'll make more sense for you if you read Ben's whole message.

Posted by Richard at 9:01