MovableBlog: Final Decision Soon

Nuance 2.0

February 6, 2003

Expect a final decision on the future of MovableBLOG soon. I'm leaning very heavily towards conversion to a geeklog with emphasis on MT. Of course, that would leave the Trackback sidebar in limbo, and would need to create categories and maybe 'about me' pages as well. But my Sunday is free, so it should get done then.

Posted by Richard at 8:02


I come here for the MT tips and tricks you find and link to. So as long as you keep posting them along with other stuff, then I would say things could only get better.

Luck with reorganizing things for the conversion.

I concur, geek is the way to go, but don't lose site of MT, cuz we all love it lots...

Yep. That's something I'll grapple with on Sunday: i.e. how to emphasize the MT stuff (since MT is the geeky thing I'm most obsessed with) while also talking about non-MT geekery. Granted, much of the stuff I find can be demonstrated using MT (e.g. PHP and CSS).

An idea of mine—although convoluted—was to have the full posts about MT on the front page while providing simply links to geekery posts. The way I envisioned it would require multiple categories and some PHP action. The plus side is that if that blog format works (it'd be unusual), I could make an 'about-MT' post about it.

Blah, we'll see on Sunday how it all turns out.