MovableBlog: Convert LiveJournal to MT

Nuance 2.0

February 9, 2003

Importing LiveJournal Entries to Movable Type: it looks more than a little cumbersome, and LiveJournal does have certain advantages over MT (e.g. friends-only posts, a neat little desktop client), so if you're willing to join the MT revolution as a LiveJournal user, it's not without its costs. [via scriptygoddess]

Posted by Richard at 10:02


richard do you know if there's any plans for mt to have something along the lines of notify me if someone responds to my comment type of autoresponce?

The goddesses over at have released something like this, but it's not part of the MT system per se. The feature has been requested, but so far I don't know if Ben & Mena plan on implementing it themselves.

I agree the conversion process is currently cumbersome, but MT does have plenty of desktop clients available (w.bloggar, BlogBuddy, etc.). You're not the first person to mention the complexity of my tutorial, though, so I've started work on a project to fix that. The end result will (hopefully!) be either a client (non-platform-specific) or a web interface that does the conversion.