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Nuance 2.0

February 13, 2003

Six Apart Log, Phil, David and Kottke discuss, which, if I understand correctly, is an amalgam of open directory, public referer log, and Trackback repository (similar to the sidebar of this site, except not limited to MT-Related posts; as an aside, this sidebar is starting to get Trackback Spam).

My guess? Learn how to exploit it now, because it may turn out to be similar to I remember getting a lot of hits from it early on, because a) its traffic was high, b) the amount of pings was, compare to now, relatively low, and c) the name of the personal blog I pinged from is fairly unique. Now my hits from has slowed to a trickle (the name is still unique, but it gets buried in the amount of weblogs pinged in small amount of time).

More later.

Posted by Richard at 10:02