MovableBlog: EAC and mkwACT

Nuance 2.0

February 15, 2003

Back in my live concert trading days (i.e. summer of 2001) I used the following freeware programs extensively: * EAC: Exact Audio Copy, used to extract tracks from audio CDs to WAV format. The 'exact' part was important, because live show CDs have no gaps, so each WAV file needs to have the exact amount of audio in it (i.e. down to the milisecond) for it to be reburned without any skips or gaps. [EAC documentation] * mkwACT: Michael K. Weise Audio Compression Tool, used to compress WAV to SHN—a lossless compression format for easier transfer of huge WAV files over the Internet—or to MP3 (which is lossy). [mkwACT documentation] I started out getting some shows via the, which have a policy of only facilitating trades between 'taper-friendly' bands (i.e. bands that allow fans to tape the concerts and trade them without any money changing hands) and then set up trades through my trading website (powered by MT, of course). The software above was (and is) indispensible for trading live music online.

Posted by Richard at 4:02