MovableBlog: Status Bar in IE6

Nuance 2.0

February 15, 2003

This has been bugging me for a while now: the status bar in Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP isn't consistenly displayed after closing the browser. A simple Google search found this page: Tip - Always Display IE6 Status Bar. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Posted by Richard at 6:02


You are my hero. This has been fricking bugging me since 6.0 came out. I am racing to this tip now as I was just complaining about this again (to myself, hey I'm a good listener) two minutes ago.

This bug only happens of windows xp retail.
It was fixed on sp1.

On the other hand, if you upgrade to sp1, you will still see this bug. The only way is to install sp1 from scratch (aside from this cool tip)

Another (obvius) tip for you: NEVER upgrade your windows install. Do it from scratch. Applies to every OS too.