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Nuance 2.0

February 16, 2003

Some resources I consulted looking at the cite, blockquote, q, ins, del and em tags: * Paragraphs, Lines and Phrases: Text * re: the cite tag * Million dollar markup * Pushing the envelope * XHTML Edit Module (the ins and del tags) * Basic HTML data types Basically I was trying to figure out the best way to format inline quotes (as opposed to block quotes. At great risk of embarassment, I'll using the em tag for inline quotes, unless there is a better alternative (NB: I will not be using the q tag).

Posted by Richard at 5:02


What's wrong with the "cite" tag?

That's what I want to know. Photodude uses it (in the format of <cite title="URL">"quote"</cite>) but dive into mark seems to have abandoned it altogether, and the way Photodude uses it seems at odds with the standard (I thought the title title attribute was supposed to contain the title of the article/book, not the URL). It's the lack of consistent use that turns me off from it. My mind is open on the subject: I'm asking, are there better alternatives to the cite or em tags? Or is cite tag, as mandated by W3C?