MovableBlog: Two Links

Nuance 2.0

February 19, 2003

Two links, culled from Anil:

Posted by Richard at 9:02


Yeah, yeah, I know that it uses DHTML to do some of the output ... but may I refer the right honourable gentleman to the following page:

"Surely some pages fail accessibility tests?
Well, there may be one or two. However, if you find such a page, this is likely to be one that has a tool aimed at a developer which may require JavaScript to be enabled (such as the Accessible Table Builder). However, wherever possible, we have avoided the use of JavaScript to minimise the likelihood of these tools breaking, instead opting for server-side processing - such as the 'wizard' version of the Accessible Table Builder."

I assume that most people who want to use the tools that generate compliant accessible code are not actually restricted. For the rest of the site, though, it's accessibility all the way baby!

It would also have been safe for you to assume that I didn't read your about page before posting this. ;)