MovableBlog: Exclude Categories Plugin

Nuance 2.0

March 3, 2003

scottandrew comes through with a "miserable hack" of a plugin, which excludes specified categories inside an <MTEntriesExCat>; container created by the plugin.

Actually, it's surprising he didn't make it an attribute of the <MTEntries> tag itself, like <MTEntries exclude_categories="foo AND bar">. His plugin instead replaces <MTEntries> with another container, <MTEntriesExCat>. Is it possible to add attributes to the <MTEntries> container via plugins?

Posted by Richard at 3:03


You can add global filter attributes, like with SmartyPants, but that won't help with something like picking what entries MTEntries will show—you'll just get the fully rendered and concatenated set of all entry text.

Anyway, here's another admittedly miserable hack that gets lastn right.