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March 9th, 2003

David Raynes is introducing his MT-Email plugin, which is very early in development. Looks interesting though. Posting by email has long been discussed as a possible feature for MT. [via his introduction in this MT Support Boards thread]

It's getting to be a little scary how prolific David is getting in terms of MT plugins. He also has Post-It/Comeback (now in beta), MT-Form, MT-Vote and a bugs tracking system for MT plugins (okay, that may have been kristine's doing, but he announced it on the MT-Dev list), and is among the top in amount of plugins already developed.

Posted by Richard at 12:14 AM


Yeah, David has been really plugging away on these plugins :giggle: Once I get these newest plugins added to the directory, I think he'll be close to being the most prolific of the plugin authors!
The bug tracking system was his idea, and we've both worked on setting it up :)

Posted by: Kristine on Mar. 9th, 2003 at 3:21 PM.

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