MovableBlog: Mozilla 1.3 Released

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March 13, 2003

Mozilla 1.3 Released: wow, since Mozilla Mail has spam filtering, I might consider dropping Eudora as my POP mail program, which was just a temporary thing to begin with. Eudora checks the POP account used for a fantasy hockey pool, but not my other account used for work; my third account, while technically a POP account, just forwards to a webmail account (okay, enough about the fact that I have too many email accounts).

Hopefully MT will take advantage of the Midas API for text editing. And although not new to version 1.3, I've been very happy with the Site Navigation Bar (this site has the appropriate <link rel="next" etc. /> tags that the browser uses). I'm not sure how I feel about automatic image resizing: it was a pain in the butt in IE and in Phoenix, and will probably be a pain in the butt in Mozilla.

Be sure to check out the Mozillazine article announcing the release.

Update: Slashdot nerds have weighed in, complete with bad joke (but so bad that it's good).

Posted by Richard at 2:03


Image zooming is actually quite nice in Mozilla. I find it much easier to cope with then MSIE's version, and it can be disabled easily through the preferences dialog (I believe it is disabled by default).

Yeah, it operates the same way as Phoenix (i.e. simply click on the image and it resizes to full-size). Unless I've been doing it wrong, in IE you have to mouseover for a second or two before getting the option to resize.

It would be great if one could right click an image that exceeds the browser's window and resize just that image to fit the window. Something similar to "Shrink Wrap" in that horribly named open-source photo editor.

And am I the only one that noticed that version 1.3 was released on the 13th day of the um...3rd month. Even though the build # is 20030312. So yeah, probably a coincidence.