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Nuance 2.0

March 24, 2003

You may have seen it elsewhere by now, but there is a Trackback for Beginners page available at Trackback, that I get. Trackback's siblings, well, that's another story. But with Trackback, understanding it and explaining it were two different things, and the Trackback for Beginners will be a useful resource.

A short rant follows.

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Posted by Richard at 4:03


Just to anticipate an objection to that last paragraph, yes, I am envious of their link-count.

I do have to say in defense of Six Apart's track record, they've fixed stuff and added features and clarified points that were raised by *any* of their users. And even, as in Doc's case, by people who weren't users of their software at all. I think that's a pretty good sign that they don't just respond to "popular" bloggers' requests.

That being said, we can only ever address things that come to our attention, so if someone raises a valid point or requests clarification, but doesn't have enough readers to either come under the attention of a toolmaker or be referenced by a site that the person reads, how can that be solved?

Seems like maybe the feature request forum ought to get a TrackBack ping URL, just like LazyWeb. :)

Very true. I've called a few things to their attention, and they've either acknowledged some and fixed/included others, and if they didn't have the time or patience, others in the MT community did. I often direct people to the MT boards as the first resource they should consult for MT-related issues.

So in other words, you're right.

(And no offense was intended to the aforelinked webloggers: I read Anil's and Doc's regularly. As for David's, well, that goes in the aggregator now too.)