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March 24th, 2003

Erik Benson, if I read his " self-explanatory text" weblog entry correctly, is saying that learning RDF by looking at it requires a lot of looking up what the vocubulary of RDF means, and can be very similar to the way I approached the reading of some of the journal articles I read in university. I would read a paragraph and see some people-, place- or even event-names that were theretofore unrecognized, and I would then proceed to look those names up and find others, look those names up, etc. It would take hours to read a journal article that, if read once straight through, would have taken less than an hour. Erik writes: "As you can see, at its very base, RDF is still relying on the foundations of our understanding of English to figure out what this stuff is. Which means we script builders still need to build into our scripts an interpretation of what Property means in our tools, and what UnambiguousProperty means." He then invokes the LazyWeb by asking if there are tools in simplifying the process of quick access to information definitions, but not before saying he himself is working on such tools. [via Six Apart]

Posted by Richard at 07:58 PM


You meen to tell me that I shouldn't have slept through english class?

Posted by: Blaine on Mar. 24th, 2003 at 8:01 PM.

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