MovableBlog: Phoenix Profile Location

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March 25, 2003

Because Phoenix wasn't rendering sites like Yahoo! Mail properly, I needed to delete the profile. It took a little while to find this page which says that, in Windows XP, the location is %AppData%\Phoenix\Profiles\default\xxxxxxxx.slt\ . Evidently this folder was hidden on my system, since a hard drive search for the word 'phoenix' didn't reveal its location. Your mileage may vary, but to get to that directory, I clicked Start | Run... then pasted in the following (not knowing the random string that replaces xxxxxxxx):


Quite literally with the percentage signs too, since it should redirect to the AppData location. Then I just deleted the profile directory. Not the smoothest thing to do, since Phoenix required me to delete the 'default' profile and create a new one. But now that the release of Minotaur is imminent, maybe Phoenix will once regain its exalted position as my default browser.

In other news, the Phoenix project page seems to have been fairly frequently updated lately. Which is good.

Posted by Richard at 11:03


the %AppData% folder for a particular user often defaults to c:\documents and settings\Application Data.

There's a whole schwackload of other stuff in there, too, and a horrible place where garbage file remnants live on long past the deletion of their originating program.

RE: Phoenix. Love the browser, but (despite it's cost), I find Opera to be faster and leaner. It's DOM still needs tweaking, though, but it's a far cry from the DOM-less 6.x line...