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April 3, 2003

The redesign of my 'home page' can be seen in progress. It's not that much different from the current site, but it is tables-less and uses absolute positioning with a floating sidebar (there is an RSS feed, generated by PHP with a dash of .htaccess magic, for the sidebar forthcoming). Okay, the colours are different too.

I'll probably get rid of the navigation bar as it stands (too much like the original, plus I'd like to go with pure CSS tabs instead of the Javascript-generated one, and besides, the latter doesn't work in Opera 6). I'll test it tomorrow on some older PC browsers like IE5 and Netscape 4.x—I'm expecting the worst for the latter—and a Mac browser or two. So far it works as expected in Mozilla, IE6, Opera 6 (except for the navigation) and Opera 7.

Update 4AM the next morning: okay, having pure CSS tabs is making things difficult. Maybe having the old navigation, but with more accessible Javascript, is the better way to go. Or maybe going to bed would be a better idea.

Update April 12th, 6:30 PM: It looks good in IE6, IE5.5, Phoenix/Mozilla (latest builds), and Opera versions 6 and 7. Note that for Opera, it makes use of the *7 hack courtesy of Mark Pilgrim to show both browsers slightly different CSS (or, more accurately, to show CSS to all browsers to make it look like it does in Opera, and then hide CSS to make it look like it does in all browsers other than Opera). I have yet to test it in other browsers, and in any other operating system than Windows.

Update April 12th, 11:10 PM: Evidently it looks good in Camino, Safari and Opera for the Mac. Thanks Michelle!

Posted by Richard at 9:04