MovableBlog: Phoenix is now Firebird

Nuance 2.0

April 14, 2003

So the browser formerly-known-as Phoenix is now known as Firebird. Fine. I was hoping they'd use a name of a neighbourhood in Phoenix, AZ (any name would have done, and shut up, I didn't think hard about that one) or something Spanish (ditto).

But Firebird will do.

Update 10:44 PM: Minotaur is renamed to Thunderbird, but you knew that already. There are some screenshots available at Slashdot. Not for the humourless.

Posted by Richard at 10:04


You know it's time to start reading slashdot when you're moderating comments hyperlinked from random sites.

+1, Funny to that fellow.

Oh yeah, the new Phoenix name is simply horrible.