Nuance 2.0

April 18, 2003

As some have already noticed, this site has a new domain, making it the third in its brief history (it's not called MovableBLOG for nothing folks; actuallly, it's called MovableBLOG because it started out as a blog about Movable Type, but then expanded in scope). now points to this weblog and all posts contained within. There is no real need to change your bookmarks if you have URLs starting with, as they will point to this blog (and its archived posts) as well. Also, there is no need to update any links to previous posts or the URL of the XML feeds either: they should also continue to work.

In the near future, there might be a URL scheme change, but again, the old permalinks would automatically redirect to the new one using header("Location: link") PHP snippets. This because cool URI's don't change. (Okay, as a mea culpa, switching over the domain made for a lot of 404's. This time is different. Really.) It's not clear, however, what that URL scheme will be. That's a job for next weekend.

Posted by Richard at 2:04