MovableBlog: In Progress: OPML Template for MT

Nuance 2.0

April 27, 2003

I'm calling on people who are smarter than me to fix an OPML template for Movable Type that I've made. It outputs well-formed XML (see my output), but it (from what I gather) crashes Userland's Radio, which is a Bad Thing. I'm under the impression that my output is valid against the OPML spec, but corrections to that impression are welcome.

So, before proceeding, note that this template is a work in progress, and is not sanctioned by anybody. But maybe you can fix it. An XML expert I consulted believes the problem is not the encoded HTML in the resulting file, but the paragraph tags and title attribute in anchor (link) tags, and the individual paragraphs need to converted into individual outline elements, all the while stripping out tags that will not render in Radio, whatever those may be. In other words, a MT Text Formatting filter is needed.

Or perhaps there's a better way to write the template?

Posted by Richard at 11:04


What does Radio do with these OPML files? Sorry for the ignorance..

Richard, I just opened your OPML file in Radio without problems. Worked fine.

To dfc, Radio has an outliner builtin, and OPML is a format for outlines and Radio's native format for outlines. So to test it, I saved his OPML to my desktop, and chose File/Open in Radio and opened his file. Then outline showed up in a new window.

It crashes in my (evaluation) copy of Radio, alas. But the template that creates an outline of my entire blog, based on which category a post fits under, doesn't crash it. So the above-linked template is still "in-progress".