MovableBlog: China Travelogue Now XHTML 1.1

Nuance 2.0

May 12, 2003

In 2000, I went to China, and wrote a travelogue of the trip. It's been recently redesigned, but that's not the point (because the design isn't that exciting). The point is that it passes all three of the tests at the X-Philes:

  1. it validates XHTML 1.1
  2. all secondary pages are valid XHTML 1.1
  3. all pages, including the index, send application/xhtml+xml to browsers that accept it, text/html to those that don't. Actually, I went one step further by defining the charset in the HTTP header and not through a meta tag.

I've done XHTML 1.1 sites before, so it was also to prove I can do it. I hadn't done it with the right MIME-type before, so it was also a learning experience.

Posted by Richard at 10:05


Have you been back to China since year 2000? Are you continuing to study Mandarin?


Haven't been back to China since 2000, and I'm not studying Chinese at the moment, but will probably start up again soon.