MovableBlog: How to Make Me Read Your Weblog Part I

Nuance 2.0

May 15, 2003

One of the best RSS feeds I subscribe to is's recently approved feeds. Now, the signal-to-noise ratio isn't exactly high, but there are many an interesting weblog—and traditional site, for that matter—that have RSS feeds, and many of them go through a rigourous process of approval at Well, not so rigourous really: as long as your feed validates and the site is well-established, then the feed will probably get approved.

The main criteria for my wanting to even look at a weblog listed there is thus:

This is first in a series of something that will probably be limited to two or three posts on what I look for in a weblog, but goodness knows there's enough "what makes a weblog great" posts out there. I just think that Syndic8's recently approved feeds list is underused, both by the content providers and consumers.

Posted by Richard at 9:05