MovableBlog: There Is No Safari For Windows, Not Even in iTunes

Nuance 2.0

June 2, 2004

An otherwise excellent article on the future of web standards, which is taken from an article originally posted on the author's weblog on May 19th, contains the following: "Literally millions of people use a big chunk of Safari on Windows. It's the browser built into iTunes. It works today."

That is incorrect:


Mihai Parparita in the comments: "iTunes doesn't use the Safari/KHTML rendering engine. The store server spits out XML in a custom format (which bears little resemblance to XHTML)". Mihai also points to a weblog article on the XML format iTunes uses.

Justin, in the same comments: "I actually didn't think that Apple used KHTML on windows for the iTMS. I thought that it was a proprietary XML parser. I could be wrong, but that's what I've heard from most Mac enthusiasts."

Just in case you, like me, were salivating at the possibility of a Windows version of Safari.

Posted by Richard at 7:06