MovableBlog: Infrequency

Nuance 2.0

October 19, 2004

In August, I pseudo-complained that Six Apart wasn't promoting actual uses of their software on their site. Anil Dash seems to have stopped link-blogging at his personal site—which is a shame, since I liked the stuff he had about politics and race and Prince (not that it matters: he has been blogging some of that stuff in the features section)—and moved it to the rather excellent Six Apart Professional Network weblog. 6A employees Mark Paschal, Brenna Koch, Paul Lindner and Ezra Cooper have also blogged at the site, but it is mostly Anil Dash's show. That weblog, along with unofficial weblogs Movalog and Learning Movable Type, are what MovableBlog set out to be and could never attain. Lack of time due to a full-time job and and a partial divestment of the emotional investment I had in the software is leading me to focus on matters other than MovableBlog as well as the Asides, so if updates seem less frequent than their usual infrequency, those are my reasons.

Posted by Richard at 2:10