MovableBlog: Search Engine Optimization Gets You Accessibility For Free, and Vice Versa

Nuance 2.0

November 16, 2004

Trenton Moss writes an excellent short article on search engine optimization and usability, two subjects which go hand in hand, because the more usable your site is, and the higher the quality of information the site is, the more likely people are going to come for return, paying visits:

By providing creative, unique and regularly updated content on your Website, other Webmasters will want to link to your site: doing so will provide extra value to their site visitors. Of course, you'll also be adding value for your site visitors.

I like the emphasis placed on making a site structured and and accessibility. He's implying that if you make a site accessible, you get search engine optimization for free, and if you make a site search engine optimized, you get accessibility for free. (I credit the phrase "you get [x] for free" as well as the idea that accessibility and search engine optimization are two sides of the same coin—as if "hand in hand" wasn't enough of a metaphor for you—to Boris Mann.)

Posted by Richard at 12:11