MovableBlog: A Year Since

Nuance 2.0

March 22, 2006

It's been a year since posting to this weblog (less than a year, if you count the the Asides section), and since then I've moved most of my sites to Drupal. I upgraded this site's CMS, Movable Type, to the latest version, which at this writing is 3.2. MT doesn't have the same release cycle as Drupal, but then again, MT's development responds to business cycles, Drupal's development happens irrespective of business cycles. As far as 'bloggy' CMS' go, I've tended to recommend starting with WordPress (or the hosted service), partly because of the licensing, partly because of the features (RSS for everything, for example), partly because it seems to have a more lighthearted, less commercial community than Movable Type. That's not to say a commercial community is a bad thing and that open source software can't and shouldn't have a commercial community. It's not to say that you shouldn't use MT either: I stopped using it because I realized that I knew some PHP and no Perl, and didn't feel like learning the latter.

There's no point to this, other than that Undeniably Geeky, MovableBlog's successor-without-the-word-'blog'-in-the-title, ended up syndicating articles tagged as 'geeky' on my personal weblog, and having to build readership from scratch again is, well, hard. So maybe this is a post triumphantly welcoming myself back to blogging on the domain, or maybe it's only to acknowledge that it's been a year since writing in long form here. Or maybe I should do as someone thought I had once did, and convert this site to Drupal.

Posted by Richard at 4:03