MovableBlog: Asides: June 2004

June 30, 2004

When PHP invalidates your otherwise valid XHTML [#]

June 29, 2004

Fast Company link policy amended Cory unimpressed, puts money where his mouth is. [#]

June 28, 2004

From user to hacker [#]

Safari's new RSS reader If I had a chair right now, I would have fallen off it. [#]

Miranda Y! plugin fixed Trillian users fumed at Y!, but few report on open IM standards. [#]

Lynx does not support Javascript The "Rebuild Site" function in Movable Type 2.6x and 3.0 is effectively disabled if your browser does not support JS. [#]

June 27, 2004

Fast Company doesn't want you to link to them So I won't. Anil responds. [#]

Gmail fever hits China [#]

June 26, 2004

The open source paradigm shift Kuhn warned against applying his concept to non-scientific revolutions. [#]

June 25, 2004

Microsoft Nmap "The scan configuration you have selected violate local laws." [#]

June 24, 2004

Y! blocks Trillian from accessing IM This appears to be affecting Miranda as well. Opportunity for Jabber? [#]

Search the PHP manual from Firefox No more appending function names to the URL! [#]

Gmail is using invites to control the growth of the service And here I thought they were doing it to track the relationships between the inviters and invitees. [#]

June 23, 2004

The software industry cultivates users' ignorance Very few people read the EULA. [#]

How to make a side links weblog in Movable Type Mine is mentioned as a great example. I've said it before, but Learning Movable Type is the best guide people starting out with MT, since it's written from a new user's perspective (and it's still not on the MT External resources page). [#]

June 22, 2004

Migrate from MT 2.x to MT 3.0 It takes longer for you to read that than it does to upgrade your WP installation. [#]

June 21, 2004

Transfering a Movable Type setup and database to TextDrive [#]

June 20, 2004

Using accesskeys is easy... ...except for the inconvenient fact that many accesskeys are reserved in other applications. [#]

June 18, 2004

DRM destroys value An excerpt from Cory's talk at Microsoft. [#]

Linking to a PDF from HTML [#]

June 17, 2004

The tough use 'print' Oh thank goodness. I thought I was the only one. [#]

PHP, XML, and Character Encodings: a tale of sadness, rage, and (data-)loss Fixes a problem I've been having with Magpie too. Except the fix uses regex, and we all know what that means. [#]

Ernie on the Yahoo! Mail redesign He's funnier in real life, if you can believe it. [#]

Drupal T-shirts Are there Movable Type t-shirts? That has to be part of 6A's branding strategy. [#]

Latest weblog-related scandal hits front page of Y! But hey, check out how many unread emails Matt has! [#]

June 16, 2004

Money or the right thing? The eternal struggle. [#]

Google by email Did Darren Barefoot inspire Gmail? [#]

Subcategories 1.0 plugin released Complete with obligatory Monty Python reference. [#]

6A updates Movable Type Licensing Positive reaction in the Trackbacks. [#]

June 15, 2004

Bitácora colectiva en español sobre el sistema de gestión de contenidos, Movable Type, con tutoriales, trucos, consejos novedades Es bueno! [#]

Why Sacha upgraded XP by downgrading to NT4 The only thing worse than no security at all is a false sense of security. [#]

More proof that you really need to have your own domain over which you have control More proof that Matt Mullenweg is a smart and generous man, as if it were needed. [#]

June 14, 2004

Yahoo! Mail ups their offer to one tenth the space of what Gmail offers They offer twice what Gmail offers but for $20/year, which would be compelling if they offered IMAP as well. [#]

Why Java sucks for sysadmins Complete with obligatory Monty Python reference. [#]

Rate card that's funny because it's true Charging double for table-based designs doesn't feel as silly anymore. [#]

June 13, 2004

Getting PostgreSQL and MT to play well together Requires hacking the MT code [#]

Adina Levin on the RSS vs. email debate The syndication folk are confusing unsolicited email which is good, and unsolicited bulk email which is bad. [#]

Email is not dead And thank goodness for that. (The responses to each point are worth considering as well.) [#]

Cheating students go high-tech The final sentence ("The Vancouver and Surrey school boards said they are unaware of the problem.") is stunning, but individual testing, which teaches students that collaboration is the same as cheating, is the real problem, and not the use of technology. [#]

Notes on collaborative document editing using SubEthaEdit The results. The first time I tried SubEthaEdit to simultaneously edit a document was sitting in a cafe with wi-fi and was using someone else's PowerBook. I can see this as being used in long-distance Extreme Programming (granted, that is an oxymoron, but still). [#]

At Google, a PhD doesn't mean you're overqualified Longer-lasting link to the NY Times article in question [#]

Nevermind the URI Because you rent your domain, permalinks aren't permanent. [#]

Unused keyboard keys I don't use Pause|Break, Scroll Lock, the right Shift, Ctrl, Windows and Context Menu keys. (I use left-Windows-M all tht time! Too many windows!) [#]

June 12, 2004

.ca blackout [#]

June 10, 2004

Non-profit Personal Telco is attempting to bring free wi-fi to Portland, Oregon Oh and it gets better: the Personal Telco website is standards-compliant, tableless, licensed under a GNU license, has a wiki... [#]

June 9, 2004

iCommons Canada project translates Creative Commons licenses for use under Canadian copyright law [#]

Douglas Adams on technology [#]

Recovering from CTRL-S in Putty Came in handy just now. A leftover from the early days, during which I may not even have been alive. [#]

June 8, 2004

Spam arriving at an address that appeared only in a PNG graphic All email addresses are disposable. [#]

Russian company offers website murder-for-hire services [#]

Jonas is using his Gmail invites for good, and not evil Evil is pretty tempting though. [#]

June 7, 2004

What's your MT-Do? Evidently my rank is "3. Dan Black Belt: Every day, your knowledge and understanding increases. In some respects MT-Do is becoming Zen to you, but from time to time, you slip and leave the conscious as just that.". [#]

June 6, 2004

Cruft-free URLs in WP The trailing slash of the URL to that article is cruft. [#]

Linux: not ready for the masses He still pings Yahoo over Google. [#]

June 5, 2004

Pricing your skill set Been thinking about that one a lot lately. [#]

Windows Media Player 10: same suckage, slightly shinier look, two or three nifty things [#]

Market share and network effects is by far the most significant reason Macs are safe from malware Design of both the architecture and UI are insignificant explanations. [#]

June 4, 2004

FeedDemon 1.10 released I purchased it a few months ago because it was faster and less of a memory hog than the open source solution I prefer (the latter has more features and a simpler interface). [#]

CSS uberlinks Used them in a recent project. [#]

The economics of EverQuest Ultima created an online virtual currencies trading market. [#]

The Linksys WRT54G is disruptive technology [#]

PHP and MT includes I combine both sometimes. [#]

Canadian election sites do not use web standards Not only that, but the vast majority of the candidates don't have a weblog. Streamline is offering free weblogs to all federal candidates. [#]

June 2, 2004

People who are offering 2.661 for download are violating the license But maybe if it were a little more obvious that 2.661 was available from 6A, they would less likely do it. [#]

Extending Movable Type comments Or: making MT more like Drupal. [#]

Thinking about audience segmentation in website design Differentiation by audience type for some, just one view for others. [#]

Radio is effectively daring David to move to WordPress See also: "Radio definitely sucks". [#]

The system is down The obligatory old movie quote from some sci-fi movie. [#]

June 1, 2004

Funny code None are as funny as my most recent Lisp sighting. [#]

"dodgeball is designed to help you meet up with friends and friends-of-friends while you're out, not while you're sitting in front of your computer." More services like that, please. (Although with dodgeball, Canadians need not apply.) [#]