MovableBlog: Integrating with PHP and Magpie

Nuance 2.0

April 16, 2004

In December of last year I published a way to integrate into your Movable Type-powered weblog. If you have PHP installed on your system, you can use the Magpie RSS PHP library in conjunction with the following PHP code to integrate on any website that has PHP. You will need to replace every instance of username with the links you wish to syndicate.

<h4><a href=""></a> links</h4>

require_once "";
// change to reflect path of

$yummy = fetch_rss("");

$maxitems = 15;

$yummyitems = array_slice($yummy->items, 0, $maxitems);

foreach ($yummyitems as $yummyitem) {

print '<li>';
print '<a href="';
print $yummyitem['link'];
print '">';
print $yummyitem['title'];
print '</a>';
if (isset($yummyitem['description'])) {

print ': ';
print $yummyitem['description'];

print '</li>';
print "\n";



Posted by Richard at 2:04