MovableBlog: Asides: March 2005

March 31, 2005

Yahoo! is the new Google Y! coming out with 1 GB storage almost a year after Google is not really that impressive, and its Creative Commons search has a long way to go. [#]

Changing the permalink icon in Blogware I don't actually use Blogware, but I've always loved Joey's documentation style (with lots of cropped screenshots and speech bubbles). [#]

Mac blunders after Steve Jobs' return Everybody I know that bought a Powerbook recently would agree with #7. [#]

Sam Ruby serves Google ads to browsers that don't support XHTML In general (since there are a few exceptions), I serve ads to people coming in from search engines. My revenues have covered my hosting costs and that's about it. [#]

Requisite link to link farming article at I was offline for all of yesterday but heard about it this morning. [#]

March 29, 2005

Phil Ringnalda on Yahoo!'s Creative Commons search It might give people the idea that stuff is licensed under the Creative Commons when really it's not. [#]

Bloglines emphasizing aggregation and search? Found through a PubSub feed for 'moneyball' of all things. [#]

March 28, 2005

Bryght is now 6 together No, not a name change, just a weblog post acknowledging how many people work at the company now. [#]

March 25, 2005

Roland keeps pushing on structured blogging prior art He links to Jon Udell on the subject. (I installed the WP plugin as soon as I heard about it and like the ideas behind it too.) [#]

March 24, 2005

Unofficial API documentation [#]

Yahoo!'s Creative Commons search Bug report: a search for the name of this weblog shows links to content—i.e. mine—that is not (yet) licensed under the Creative Commons. [#] moving to Drupal [#]

March 23, 2005

Disable the news box on the top right corner of the Movable Type entry screen Done. What's the Wordpress equivalent? [#]

Aggregator market share That Bloglines is #1 is not surprising, but NetNewsWire seems higher than what an average weblog (Tim Bray's is definitely not average) would get. [#]

Video and audio of the presentations at the Drupal conference last month In an open format, of course. [#]

How photos that "may offend" get removed from Flickr [#]

March 22, 2005

NowPublic is now public [#] API forthcoming Every web service that imports and exports data needs an API. Audioscrobbler, I'm looking in your directon. [#]

Questions about Google's "Similar pages" links This really isn't the type of thing that should keep me up at night. [#]

March 21, 2005

Using Blogger in conjunction with Audioblogger to post to Movable Type [#]

Boing Boing miscredited as source of Vancouver Sun article [#]

March 20, 2005

Yahoo! acquires Flickr [#]

March 18, 2005

Why Flickr rocks Been seeing a lot of praise for Flickr on high-profile weblogs lately. Must be because it's true. [#]

OpenSearch and Movable Type [#]

March 17, 2005

Oleg Kourapov improves on my feeds script using Magpie I need to add my various PHP snippets to a Subversion repository at some point. [#]

Skype launches SkypeIn beta, Boris lists the geographical locations of the area codes offered I became the proud 'owner' of a 415 number today. [#]

March 15, 2005

Multiple authors in Movable Type [#]

Update to the Blogger Developer's weblog meta tag [#]

March 14, 2005

Phil Ringnalda noticed the NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW in's meta tag too My respect for Google as owner of a blogging company continues to plummet. [#]

The Blogger developers weblog links to 'competing' developer weblogs What's the deal with the "NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" in the meta tag though? [#]

March 12, 2005

Structured blogging prior art [#]

There's no way Ruby on Rails makes web services programmers 10 times more productive "Any task that can be performed in a demo must necessarily have an essential complexity close to zero: it’s a solved problem before the demo even begins." [#]

March 10, 2005

Deleted comment about Internet Explorer and CSS standards republished on commenter's own weblog "Like a bad customer service experience, I don’t enjoy that I was only responded too after I became a nuisance." [#]

Fix Paul Graham's footnotes Waitaminute! Simon's bookmarklet adds links to Graham's page! Therefore it must be evil! [#]

Short tip on archiving log files in Apache 2.0 under Linux The number of problems restarting Apache solves is surprisingly high. [#]

March 9, 2005

Interview with Sheila and Brent Simmons of Ranchero [#]

March 8, 2005

Post to your Movable Type weblog from Lifeblog [#]

Google needs a chief blogging officer Their official weblog is ridiculous. They should have blogged something about Google Toolbar two weeks ago! [#]

Yahoo uses Drupal internally [#]

March 7, 2005

Jason Kottke wonders if Technorati is censoring their employees' weblogs Using only Anil Dash an counter-example to Jason's final paragraph, he (Anil) still writes extensively about blogging, but he just shifted to his professional space for it. [#]

March 6, 2005

Businesses should be using PubSub (or similar site) to keep track of what their customers are saying about their products Not coincidentally, I found what Tris Hussey said in a PubSub feed for the keyword 'drupal'. [#]

March 4, 2005

Tim Bray, a guy I respect, is right about the Google Toolbar Retracting my earlier stance. [#]

March 3, 2005

Tim Bray, a guy I respect, is wrong about the Google Toolbar He spreads the FUD that it violates Creative Commons licenses, but at least he's honest by coming out and saying he doesn't trust Google. [#]

March 2, 2005

Display message in Drupal when a user has not entered any blog entries I cleaned it up a little and converted it into a patch. [#]

Google is the master database for spammers [#]

March 1, 2005

Keywords in URLs don't matter [#]

Get rid of nav-commenters.gif on your MT comments with a plugin [#]